About Mr. Nino

Carlo A. Nino

Professional Biography 

Mr. Carlo Antonio Nino is an accomplished international relations and community planner and the founder and operator of Nino Abstract Consulting LLC, a venture he launched to provide his subject-matter expertise (SME) culled from an extensive career in international aid and development to military and civilian organizations. The organization’s home office is located on California’s Monterey Peninsula. 

A development professional with a wealth of experience coordinating the planning and execution of local governance and community development initiatives within hazardous international environments he has leveraged his experience and professional network toward providing a strong foundation to the organization he has sought to create. Furthermore, he presented a distinguished career of rapid progression through vital hands-on and leadership roles spanning 12 years as a commissioned officer with the United States Marine Corps.

Through multiple high-level appointments, Mr. Nino has demonstrated his capacity to excel in any environment. In his most recent role, he was hand-picked as the Deputy Chief of Party for the Afghan Social Outreach Program funded by USAID.  Further he was a member of a high-profile Local Governance and Community Development (LGCD) program in the war-torn Farah province of western Afghanistan. As this area was, until recently, a stronghold for the Taliban, he operated daily in a chaotic environment fraught with hazards. The goal of Mr. Nino and his team was to bring stability to the region by recruiting, educating and guiding individuals from the local population to autonomously lead civic operations in a democratic fashion.

Prior to this, he formed, trained and spearheaded teams of as many as 300 within challenging international environments throughout the Middle East and West Africa. He skillfully led his team in filling a gap in communications that had been identified by upper leadership for some time, but had not yet been resolved. His team deployed multiple highly sophisticated electrical and communications systems across rough terrain, enabling visual and voice communications access to a previously inaccessible area.

While previously deployed throughout the Horn of Africa leading teams of 50+ in peacekeeping operations, he liaised extensively with multiple international government and civilian agencies—as well as local governments—in assessing strategies for securing resources to combat vast and diverse crises including warfare, famine, natural disasters, and population displacement. He was integral in developing and formulating the wherewithal to fund and execute multiple disaster relief programs. He accomplished this by authoring concise, erudite briefing documents conveying detailed plans of action for leveraging extremely limited resources that were dissipating rapidly due to open competition.

Previously, he has served on two Marine Expeditionary Units (the 15th MEU (SOC) USS Peleliu and 26th MEU (SOC) ).   In these roles, he exercised his exemplary technical acumen to handle the administration of the Marine detachments for which he was given charge. This included leading teams in the installation, configuration, and support of multiple leading-edge technologies to ensure the Marine Air-Ground team was equipped with necessary command and control capabilities. Mr. Nino’s technical background is impressive and wide-ranging, and he adapts easily to new technologies and environments.

After completing his initial military training and serving in various capacities, Mr. Nino was appointed to The Pentagon, where he excelled in the analysis and development of a broad range of solutions to critical issues affecting national security. While here, he served as primary advisor to several high-level program officers. His responsibilities ranged from conducting front-end assessments, to core setting, to performing initiative reviews. Additionally, he served on several program evaluation and budget-review boards.

Mr. Nino holds a Master’s degree in International Relations with an emphasis in Security Studies & Sustainable Development from St. Mary’s University in San Antonio, Texas; a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations from the same institution; and an MBA in Defense Systems Analysis from the Naval Postgraduate School of Business and Public Policy in Monterey, California. Also, he has recently authored a comprehensive guidebook tailored for Department of State / Department of Defense officials operating in and around Farah, Afghanistan entitled “Farah Provincial Handbook: A Guide to the People and the Province.”

Mr. Nino plans to leverage his background and education in a senior management role in an international relations capacity. He is comfortable in any international environment, excels in austere settings, and is accustomed to interacting daily with diverse international backgrounds, from local citizens to high-level decision-makers.

He is currently engaged to the most beautiful woman in the world, Ms. Hilda Sobhani.

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